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Improve Outcomes & Shorten Treatment Duration

(According to most of the 2,000+ therapists we have trained so far)

build your client capacity integral somatic psychology

Build Your Client’s Capacity

Learn how the different layers of the body and energy can be involved in generating as well as defending against emotions. Learn how to work with psychological, physical, and energetic defenses against emotions and support clients to access, embody, and build a greater capacity for a large range of emotions from the very first session.

Shorten Treatment Duration

Learn about the latest findings on the physiology of emotions and from the new neuroscience of embodied cognition, emotion, and behavior to understand how creating a greater capacity for emotions through their embodiment can improve diverse outcomes and shorten treatment periods in all therapies.
Increase Resilience

Increase Resilience

Learn how to help clients to increase their resilience to future traumas by increasing their capacity for intense emotions without retraumatization and by helping them connect to their collective resources.
improve diverse outcomes integral somatic psychology

Improve Diverse Outcomes

Learn how to work more effectively with symptoms of stress, shock and developmental trauma, emotion, cognition, behavior, body, energy, attachment, relationship, and spirituality. GET STARTED
Raja Selvam doing a demonstration session with a female student during the ISP Professional Training

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About Integral Somatic Psychology

Integral Somatic Psychology™ (ISP™) is an effective somatic psychology approach that helps your clients achieve optimal mental health by fully embodying their emotions.

ISP has been developed to shorten therapy times and improve diverse outcomes (physical, energetic, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, relational, and spiritual) in all therapy modalities including body psychotherapy systems such as Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

It can also be taught to clients as a self-help tool for healing, and for enhancing their lives.

ISP professional trainings and workshops have been offered on all continents; in the US, Brazil, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, and Australia.

Over 2000 mental health professionals have been trained in the ISP method.

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Johanna Krichbaum, Integral Somatic Psychology graduate
ISP has developed into a rich treasure. In helping clients with difficult emotions such as fear, grief, and pain my work has gained much more containment and depth. And during a severe flu combined with heart symptoms I was able to regulate my anxiety through what I have learned at ISP. I highly recommend ISP to therapists.
Johanna Krichbaum, MD, SEP